Love in Italian

Parole d'amore. Would like to know little Italian to make a special moment even more unique? You may be looking for something original to say when popping the question. Or wish to add some Italian feel [...]

San Valentino

What's The Story About Saint Valentine's Day ? In short. A third century roman saint commemorated 14th February. There are several stories , mostly legends without exact historical evidence, about the person of San Valentino, Saint [...]

Civil Wedding Ceremony

The civil wedding ceremony has a reputation of being a bit dry and official. Get in, agree into everything the officiant says, sign the book, get out. Done. Married. That’s not the whole truth! The [...]

Looking for a Hidden Gem?

Most couples on honeymoon or traveling in Italy wish to stay somewhere little less known and crowded. We are often asked for suggestions for a lovely spot somewhere nice, local and away from other tourists...a [...]

On Top of Tuscany

Take me to the top of the world...Castello Velona  is situated on top of a Tuscan hill, in the heartbreakingly beautiful Val D 'Orcia Valley, in the middle of the famous Montalcino wine area in [...]

Put A Ring On It in Florence

Everyone who visits Florence learns quickly that the noble art of 'orafi' , the gold smiths, is an important part of the local arts and craftsmanship.  Working with gold, silver and jewels has long traditions [...]

Light Up The Night

There are  many details to think about when planning the scenery around the wedding reception; the colour theme, the flowers, the table design, the menus, the personalised wedding details, something traditional, something new, fun and [...]

Wedding Favour Ideas

What to give the guests as wedding favours? Something that reminds them of the wedding, something most people like, something personal and something Tuscan would be lovely. And something not too big or heavy, that [...]

Confetti and Bomboniere

Confetti in Italian means candied almonds, that are given as wedding favours for the guests. They symbolise the bitter-sweetness of the married life. The confetti can be tucked in a small bag, hidden inside a [...]

Come Fly with Me

Something out of ordinary, unforgettable and unique ? Hot air balloon ride in Tuscany. Early morning, just the two of you. Be the first to see the sun rise over the soft green fields and [...]

Thermal Baths

There are several thermal baths in Tuscany, mainly in southern Tuscany, and nearby Pisa and Lucca. Some baths have been made to luxurious Spa structures with several inside and outside pools, possibility to order massage [...]