Love in Italian

Parole d'amore. Would like to know little Italian to make a special moment even more unique? You may be looking for something original to say when popping the question. Or wish to add some Italian feel [...]

San Valentino

What's The Story About Saint Valentine's Day ? In short. A third century roman saint commemorated 14th February. There are several stories , mostly legends without exact historical evidence, about the person of San Valentino, Saint [...]

Civil Wedding Ceremony

The civil wedding ceremony has a reputation of being a bit dry and official. Get in, agree into everything the officiant says, sign the book, get out. Done. Married. That’s not the whole truth! The [...]

Looking for a Hidden Gem?

Most couples on honeymoon or traveling in Italy wish to stay somewhere little less known and crowded. We are often asked for suggestions for a lovely spot somewhere nice, local and away from other tourists...a [...]

On Top of Tuscany

Take me to the top of the world...Castello Velona  is situated on top of a Tuscan hill, in the heartbreakingly beautiful Val D 'Orcia Valley, in the middle of the famous Montalcino wine area in [...]

Put A Ring On It in Florence

Everyone who visits Florence learns quickly that the noble art of 'orafi' , the gold smiths, is an important part of the local arts and craftsmanship.  Working with gold, silver and jewels has long traditions [...]