Bridal Make-Up Tips

Few tips from our make-up artists on finding your own bridal look. How to master your own bridal glow. 1. Do the hair and make-up trials early, so you have time to confront the different

Italian Aperitivo is a happy hour in heaven

Aperitivo is one of the most spectacular moments in the Italian wedding reception!  Italian Aperitivo is a happy hour in heaven! With lots of delicious finger foods . It is the grand entrance to the wedding celebrations. A

Florence in Love

Florence is a city of romance, a perfect town for romantic getaways. Summer or winter, Florence has many lovely corner cafès, trattorias and restaurants where to spend quality time with your special travel mate. But

Italian Wedding Traditions

When it comes to Italian wedding traditions, one must first consider the area. Is it northern, central or southern Italy we are talking about. Or the islands. Italy is such a vast country, with such

Wedding Colour Theme

Are you planning a white wedding, prefer pale shades or wish to follow the seasons colour theme. To choose the right theme and matching details, it's a good idea to work with the mood boards.

There’s something about Tuscany

Tuscany. Beauty, arts and history. Open landscapes, rustic charm, gorgeous villas and excellent local cuisine. All that makes Tuscany such a treat, and a perfect wedding destination. It's easy to love Italy, and some people just

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