Most couples on honeymoon or traveling in Italy wish to stay somewhere little less known and crowded. We are often asked for suggestions for a lovely spot somewhere nice, local and away from other tourists…a hidden gem! When we travel in different corners of Italy, or anywhere we travel, we always look for lovely places to stay and to suggest for others to stay. Some of the places we loved may be well hidden in the Tuscan countryside, others are right under your nose, two steps from the main attractions in the most visited Italian cities. Just well hidden behind a modest looking facade or a doorway that looks like a private home. Once you enter, you may have your perfect home in Rome, a roof terrace with a view over Florence, or quite simply a nice hut, nothing special about it, maybe the charming old lady who likes to chat with you in the stairway, and give you some first class Italian language practise? Hidden Gems are often a bit anonymous at first glance. Calm and no fuss places, that grow in charm during the holiday, because they have the characters what you were looking for; privacy, cosiness of a private home, feeling of living the authentic local life, being in a central spot but not crowded. Let us know what you are looking for, we are happy to scout for your hidden gem!

For some suggestions check out Olive’s Tuscan selection of hidden  

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