Krystyna and Danny, a young couple from Beverly Hills, CA,  got in touch with us during the winter of 2018. They needed a little help in getting married in Tuscany. Besides having a quite clear ideas around how they wanted to spend their special day, the couple turned out to be enthusiastic foodies and wine lovers! They wanted to get to know the land and introduce their guests to some of the great treats Tuscany has to offer. For us this was just wonderful, we love to show our guests around and share our best travel tips! This is what we are here for! After spending a few months together, getting the wedding details on place, as well as looking into suitable itineraries around the Tuscan countryside, we came up with a plan! It all went down like this:  

The couple and their guests were all based in San Gimignano, in a few lovely country houses right around the ancient town walls.

The first day after settling in, there was scheduled a truffle hunting tour ! Tenuta Torciano in the San Gimignano countryside has interesting offers for groups, and truffle hunting followed by a wine tasting lunch is a great way to taste the classic Tuscan wines with another local product, the truffles. Wine tasting lunches are always guided with a a few basic info about the origins of the wines as well as suitable food combinations. In Toricano the guided wine lunches are always spiced up with a sense of humor and great hospitality. Truffles are a rare treat and they fall in the category of “ you either love them or can’t stand them”, but would you ever wish to try the truffle experience one day, this is a great way to try! Maybe you’ll learn to love them, they are considered treats after all  :)  For those who already love them, this is a highly recommended way of spending an afternoon in Tuscany!

The day after the group began a new adventure, early morning departure to the legendary Ricasoli Family winery in the heart of the Chianti Classico. Castello Di Brolio , one of the first wineries not only  in Tuscany but in the whole wide world. Ricasoli family, owners of the castle since  the 11th century are still carrying on a production of high quality wines in the beautiful countryside of Gaiole in Chianti.  The tour began with a stroll in the castle gardens, the guide shared stories around the family and the traditions of the wine making. Knowing a bit about the land, the people who have dedicated their lives to cultivate it, make you aware of how much work , thought, and love lies behind the wine in your glass. What one may consider as a the simple joys of life, a glass of wine, might be someones life work . When you get the whole experience , you can actually taste more in your glass!

After a delicious wine tasting lunch at the Ricasoli restaurant, the happy party continued their way to another tiny winery Casanuova in Castellina in Chianti, that produces excellent wines and balsamic vinegar. Some of their oldest aged balsamic vinegar can be older than you!

To end the long day, the group greeted the last arriving guests in the wine cellars of the Palagetto winery in San Gimignano. They produce, among great Tuscan red wines, also white wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, speciality of the area. 

Now we were getting ready to celebrate the wedding ! And only half way trough with the tour making! 

The wedding was celebrated in beautiful Certaldo Alto, a tiny hillside village 30 minutes drive away from San Gimignano. The old part of Certaldo is not only a gorgeous medieval town, but also the birth place of famous medieval writer Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375). Weddings in Certaldo Alto are celebrated in the ancient Vicar’s palace, in a beautiful courtyard with frescoed walls and ceilings. A very special setting for civil wedding ceremonies.

The ceremony was followed by cocktails in the local bar, while a classical duo entertained the group during a few cool Prosecco’s, before making the way for the dinner in a small local countryside restaurant with lovely views to San Gimignano towers. 

The day after the wedding the newly weds celebrated the first day as married couple with another road trip to discover the specialties and the amazing views of the magnificent Unesco protected Val D’ Orcia valley, approx. 50 km south of Siena. The day began with a laid back lunch in the charming little organic cheese farm Podere Casale. 

Lunch was followed by a visit in one of the underground wine cellars in the town of Montepulciano, “Cantine De Ricci, also called the “underground cathedral ” 

The day was brought to a perfect ending with wine tasting dinner in the magnificent fortress of Fortezza di Montalcino. Montalcino is famous for the Brunello Di Montalcino red wine, one of the most celebrated Tuscan red wines. 

What else this group adventured the following days on their own they can only tell us, but we wish to share our appreciation over the way this couple chose to live their special time in Tuscany with their guests. Traveling slow, learning  about the history and traditions of the local life,  supporting the farmers, winemakers and small artisan producers you get more value, better products and greater experiences. And most of all, touring with family and friends is a wonderful way to celebrate the special highlights in life, while creating memories for a life time. 

K&D , thank you for letting us be a part of your time in Tuscany, we cant wait for you all to come back soon! 


Pia & Michele