Historical Villas in Tuscany are a Bohemian Rhapsody

Tuscany has such a long history. Each historical period represent a style and a way of life that is fascinating. The beautiful Historical Villas in Tuscany are still today intact with the original atmosphere. They remind of the “great old times”, that you can still sense and experience. Historical villas in Tuscany have loads of bohemian style and decadent charm. They do have modern kitchens and bathrooms, something a bohemian of the 21st century will appreciate! But they are filled with intriguing history and interesting stories. The villas were built by noble Italian families as country estates to host summer holidays and parties. They were designed for long lazy days under the Tuscan sun, to hunt, paint, write books and dance to the great music of the time. Historical villas in Tuscany are stunning private country manors with swimming pools, tennis courts and beautiful gardens.  They where built with great taste and elegance. Nothing has changed since those days! Even today they ooze grand style and class. Historical villas in Tuscany are perfect venues for parties,  weddings and special occasions combined with an unforgettable holiday with family and friends. Historical Villas in Tuscany have Grand Style and Class. 


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