Confetti in Italian means candied almonds, that are given as wedding favours for the guests. They symbolise the bitter-sweetness of the married life. The confetti can be tucked in a small bag, hidden inside a pillow, wrapped in tulle, often placed on the guests plates in the dining table. In that case it is called ‘bomboniere‘, a wedding favour. If you look inside, you will find an odd number of sugared almonds inside. Tradition say, that confetti should be given away in odd numbers, 3,5 or 7 for each guest. The confetti can also be given in a box, or another nice small item, that the guests will keep as a memory of the wedding. The modern confetti can be found in many delicious tastes; chocolate, lemon, strawberry, coffee, pear , banana or pistachio . When they are so delicious, and look lovely, the confetti can also be served from glass jars, surrounded by few candles and flower petals, and the confetti table can become a charming little candy corner. You can place small, personalised, bags by the jars, so the guests can make their own confetti mix. Tradition tells, that each confetti should be enjoyed with a happy wish for the newly wed couple: health, wealth, happiness, children and long life together! 

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