Are you planning a white wedding, prefer pale shades or wish to follow the seasons colour theme. To choose the right theme and matching details, it’s a good idea to work with the mood boards. Create patchworks, using pictures of  flowers, items and sceneries of things you like.  Many brides use Pinterest to collect together the bits and bobs they love, and we still see some brides with a beautiful, ‘good old’ scratch book that we think is a lovely idea, since it remains as a unique memory of the wedding planning process. Any format you will choose, working with the colour boards makes it easier to work with the overall look of the day. Needless to say, not everything has to match. Sometimes contrasts create a unique style and personality. There is not really any limits for your choice of the colour theme for your wedding day. An old belief used to say, that purple was not considered as a lucky colour for weddings, but that nonsense is fading out fast and we have seen plenty of beautiful purple wedding themes in Italy. It’s important that the colours, flowers and the style you choose feels ‘your’s’. Well, we never met a bride who did not have an idea of her favourite colours or flowers, so we seldom have to come with any suggestions at all on that field. But what we often do, is to advice about flowers and other details that are typical in Tuscany in different seasons. We will take and send pictures of the venue, so you can add your own personal touch. And we will scout for nice spots for wedding pictures. The scenery around you will be a part of your  wedding album one day, just like the table design or decorations that you plan. So it’s good to know when the poppies or the sunflowers bloom, where to find the pretty painted doors and the most charming corners at the venue and nearby. Tell us about the scenery you wish to have around you, we will help you in creating it.

Seasons colours in Tuscany