Wedding Bits and Bobs

It may be a bit over whelming with all the many wedding bits and bobs you never thought you would need to learn about. But this is your day, the details are there to make it more special. The wedding bits and bobs are not only lovely little items to decorate your day and impress your guests with your eye on the detail, but important tools and roadmap signs to make the day run smoothly for you and the guests.  These wedding details will remain as precious memories of your special occasion in Tuscany. They are there for a reason. So hop onboard! Let’s start planning the wedding bits and bobs; Bridal bouquets, Wedding Ceremony Flowers, Wedding Table Decor , Tuscan Wedding Meal, Wedding Illumination, Wedding Music, Wedding Vintage Cars , Wedding photography, pre- and post wedding activities, Brides Beauty Services and other important Wedding Details.  Once the main details are  confirmed, we can focus also on the optional Wedding Details  you may wish to add on your wedding day to create that little extra touch!  It can be pretty and informative stationery items, wedding favors or little thoughtful things to add to your guests comfort, such as fans, pashminas or hats to shade from the Tuscan sun during the wedding ceremony. We can assist you in choosing your own wedding bits and bobs for the day, that are handy, useful and look pretty!

If Need Be, We Bring the Umbrellas!