Tuscan Treats & Traditions!

Love in Italian

Parole d'amore. Would like to know little Italian to make a special moment even more unique? You may be looking for something original to say when popping the question. Or wish to add some Italian feel [...]

Put A Ring On It in Florence

Everyone who visits Florence learns quickly that the noble art of 'orafi' , the gold smiths, is an important part of the local arts and craftsmanship.  Working with gold, silver and jewels has long traditions [...]

Confetti and Bomboniere

Confetti in Italian means candied almonds, that are given as wedding favours for the guests. They symbolise the bitter-sweetness of the married life. The confetti can be tucked in a small bag, hidden inside a [...]

Italian Aperitivo is a happy hour in heaven

Aperitivo is one of the most spectacular moments in the Italian wedding reception!  Italian Aperitivo is a happy hour in heaven! With lots of delicious finger foods . It is the grand entrance to the wedding celebrations. A [...]

Italian Wedding Traditions

When it comes to Italian wedding traditions, one must first consider the area. Is it northern, central or southern Italy we are talking about. Or the islands. Italy is such a vast country, with such [...]

There’s something about Tuscany

Tuscany. Beauty, arts and history. Open landscapes, rustic charm, gorgeous villas and excellent local cuisine. All that makes Tuscany such a treat, and a perfect wedding destination. It's easy to love Italy, and some people just [...]

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