Project Description

Wedding Ceremony in Siena

Wedding ceremony in Siena,  one of the most beautiful Tuscan towns, Unesco listed worlds cultural heritage. Red tiled buildings, made of ‘terra di siena‘ the famous sienese red soil, reflects from the town’s buildings and creates a warm and country-like feel. Siena has loads of rustic charm. Wedding ceremony in Siena can be celebrated at the magnificent town hall.

Siena town hall is situated in the fabulous  main square Piazza del Campo, where the annual horse race, ‘palio‘, with ancient origins, takes place every 2. July and 16th August. Busy square is always filled with people, local as tourists. The municipality is crowned by the caracteristic ‘Torre della Mangia‘, the high bell tower, Sienas symbol that can be seen from distance. The magnificent city hall in second floor, has high ceilings and massive stairways. Weddings are celebrated on weekdays and Saturday mornings.

Approx. 80 people can enter in the hall, seating for approx. 40. Contact us for exact timings and costs.

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