Wedding in Lucca – A Lovely Day in Lucca 

Wedding in a small typical Italian town? That’s wedding in Lucca! Some couples contact us asking us to find a lovely spot for their wedding, with a central location, where they could be around local people, good restaurants and the local life. Not too large but lively and local. A little big town.  Lucca is exactly that! The perfect town to have wedding in. Small and not too busy, large enough to be interesting to spend a few days in. Beautiful historical buildings, charming cobbled streets, plenty of good restaurants, bars and cafès, and as they say about Lucca; the town of hundred churches, camellia flowers and the famous opera composer Puccini. Nearby the main aiports, close to the sea, mountains and well connected to other Tuscan towns. The wedding ceremony in Lucca historical town hall in middle of the town is perfect for small groups up to 30 guests. After the ceremony the guests can take pictures in the garden in front of the town hall and stroll down to one of the lovely cafès for drinks, while the wedding couple will have more pictures taken with their photographer in different corners of the town. The wedding party can walk to the restaurant where the wedding dinner is organised, with a space outside for dining al fresco. Wedding in Lucca is lovely and lively true love story from Tuscany! 

Wedding in LuccaLucca weddingLots of Love in Lucca


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