Project Description

Medieval Castle in Chianti

Founded in 10th century, in a strategic position between Florence, Siena, Chianti area and the Arno valley, with an interesting history. Today property of a private florentine family and a prize winning monument for the excellent restoration works, that have preserved the original shape of the medieval castle. Renovated and modernised just enough to be a wonderful location for celebrations and a very special spot for a Tuscan stay, the castle offers accommodations in eight self catering apartments, up to 20 guests.  Medieval castle in Chianti is situated only 20 km Florence, 10 km from nearest Chianti town and 40 km from Siena, a central spot to explore Tuscany and gather family and friends together for a great celebrations.

Spaces for organisation of events:

Courtyard, that is partially covered, over 100 guests seated.

2 large inside halls, each can accommodate up to 100 guests eated.


8 self catering apartments, suitable for 20 guests. 2 nights minimum stay requested.

Swimming pool.

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