Project Description

Bright Summer Wedding in Tuscany

Gemma & Andrews celebration was a sunny day with lovely colors, a bright summer wedding in Tuscany! Being among all the happy people and a blue blue sky is a wedding planners dream come true. The ceremony was celebrated in a medieval fortress in a tiny hillside town with the grand name, ‘Montecarlo‘, nearby the town of Lucca. Adorable spot for the wedding ceremony  and a great wine area too. The wedding reception dinner was organised in a bright yellow villa,  with great views to Lucchesian countryside and the Apuan alps. This was a true’al fresco wedding’. The beautiful large garden offered spaces for wedding aperitivo, dinner and after party. The stairs, walls and trees illuminated with lanterns and candles. Gemma & Andy’s day was a bright and happy summer wedding in Tuscany. Photos by Massimo Bonon.


Bright summer wedding in Tuscany

Grooms wedding preparation,cheers!

Bride arrives to wedding ceremony

Just married in Lucca Bright summer wedding in LuccaBright backdrop for summer weddings in Lucca

Wedding villa in Lucca

Wedding villa terrace with view

Wedding in a villa terrace lucca

Hand made Tuscan wedding cake

Cutting of the Italian wedding cake

Wedding party Evening bar

Illumination with lanterns


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