Project Description

True Love in the Olive Grove in Chianti Countryside

Kim & Ian had a different idea. They wanted to do their own thing. No Church, no Town Hall, and not too many guests. Just the two of them, and their closest family at a luxurious Tuscan villa, in a panoramic spot with a charming Chianti town as the backdrop. The wedding ceremony was held in the villa gardens, in middle of the wine and silver green olive groves. True love in the olive grove! A dream come true, not only for the happy couple, but also for those of us who lucky enough to witness their beautiful union in such an intimate setting. There was lots of love and few drops of rain (that nobody minded as it cleared the air for some wonderful pictures).  The newlyweds made friends with the locals during the photo shoot in the tiny Chianti village and had some great food back in the villa, while the string quartet played in the background. What a personal and very classy wedding day in Tuscany!

True love in the olive grove Just married in CHianti Classico


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