Florence is a city of romance, a perfect town for romantic getaways. Summer or winter, Florence has many lovely corner cafès, trattorias and restaurants where to spend quality time with your special travel mate. But if you are looking for something special, a romantic spot, where to impress your date, to celebrate a special evening or …pop the question?

Eleven romantic spots in Florence with a view: 

Romantic Night in town

1. Hotel Continentale. One of Ferragamo’s 4* design hotels situated by Arno river, right beside the old bridge, Ponte Vecchio. The hotel offers stunning modern ambient, light rooms and luxurious facilities. You don’t have to be guest in the hotel to have a drink in the stunning roof terrace, above the riverside in the evening, You can enjoy coll drinks with a view in ‘aperitivo‘ time, 18.00-21.00.  The terrace can also be rented for private events.



Florence Restaurant by Arno river

2. Restaurant San Jacopo. Another luxurious hotel and restaurant in Ferragamo’s Lungarno collection. On the south side of the Arno river. Maritime themed classic elegant restaurant has river view from all the three dining halls, and few ‘vip’ seats right by the balcony overlooking the town and the riverside.



Brunelleschi Terrace in Florence

3. Terrazza Brunelleschi.  4* Hotel in Santa Maria Novella district. The roof garden restaurant is open for aperitifs and for dinner. The terrace has a central position and pretty much all the towns’s monuments are visible from there. The roof garden is large, but built in small areas and terraces in different levels, that create intimacy and romantic corners for couples and small groups. A great spot for special occasions, also with friends and family.



Florence Hotel with great view

4. Villa La Vedetta. Situated by the south side of rno river, right under the sight seeing platform, Piazzale Mochelangelo, this 5 * Hotel has a grand position, overlooking Florence monuments and bridges. Restaurant in the ground floor serves modern gourmet dishes and is open for dinner. The hotel has luxurious rooms with great views, the honeymoon suite has an amazing view to Florence.



Romantic garden in Florence

5. Terrazza Belvedere of Villa Bardini. On the south side of Florence, next to Boboli gardens and Forte di Belvedere. Lovely Italian gardens and a panoramic terrace cafè ‘Loggia‘ serves drinks and light lunches daytime. Lovely spot to have a romantic afternoon stroll in Florence.



Luxurious old monastery in Fiesole

6. Villa San Michele. Ancient monastery, turned into a 5 * luxury hotel, situated on the highest hilltop of Fiesole. Terrace restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, also for guests who do not stay at the villa.



Panoramic view from Sesto roof terrace in Florence

 7. Roof terrace in Hotel Westin Excelsior. Restaurant Ses-To offers brunches, lunches, aperitifs and dinners over the Florence roof tops with view to Arno river and the south side of the town. Classic 5* hotel in the beautiful Piazza Ognissanti, by the Arno River. Roof Terrace is open for public.



Tornabuoni Roof Terrace

8. Torre di Tornabuoni. Luxurious historical residence, a small boutique hotel restored in an ancient tower, in Via Via Tornabuoni, Florence elegant fashion street. Roof terrace can be rented privately also for guests who do not stay at the hotel.

Romantic Restaurant in Fiesole La Reggia


9. Restaurant La Reggia Degli Etruschi. Situated in the beautiful hills of Fiesole, 5 km from Florence centre ( easily reached from Florence by bus or a taxi) The last bit of the road is steep upphill, along a narrow cobbled road that leads to this hidden gem, right before reaching the Franciscan convent and a panoramic terrace, with amazing view to Florence. Tip: Reserve time to visit Fiesole town and the magnificent Roman amphitheatre before dining.


Four Seasons Hotel in Florence


10. Four Seasons: Legendary 5 * Four Seasons Hotel in Florence is situated in the renaissance gardens of Gherardesca, a stunning green area in Florence centre. Contact us for special locations and arrangements for two in the various unique locations, around Florence, of this magnificent hotel!


Florence seen from Piazzale Michelangelo

11. Piazzale Michelangelo. Wish to keep it simple ? Take your date for a panoramic walk to the beautiful terrace over the town, the sight seeing platform, on the south side of Florence. Early morning and evening sun sets are stunning seen from this panoramic spot. Reserve a pic nic basket or have a sparkling drink at the bar right under the terrace. There is a lovely garden area right below the terrace as well, where wedding ceremonies are celebrated. From Piazzale it is only 10-15 minutes walk to town. (Walking from town, steep uphill! It’s easier to walk down). Get in touch, we can help with the pic nic basket and tip couple of beautiful, less touristy spots around this area.

Contact us to know more about unique spots in Florence and Tuscany for your special occasion. There are rooftops, balconies and villa gardens that can be opened for you only! Shhh…get in touch to know more!