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Typical Tuscan Wedding Meal;

Primi – Two First Dishes: For the wedding meal there will be served two first courses. Typically a risotto and a pasta dish. (No, you don’t have to choose between two dishes, you will be having both of them ;). You can also choose two different pasta dishes. Sometimes before the first dishes there is served a little entrè, a flan, a mousse or another small dish to get started before the first warm dishes arrive.

Secondo – Second dish: The main meal. Most commonly meat. Beef, veal, pork, duck breast, guinea fowl. Could be wild boar in winter time. Fish, seafood and vegetarian options are also available. Chicken is not common in weddings in Italy and is served only on request.

Contorno – Side Dish: The main dish is served with a side dish; roasted potatoes, vegetables or beans. Salad is served after the meal Often a simple green salad with fresh olive oil. It does not come last because it’s late, it is served last to clean the mouth before moving to the dessert.

Good to know; The waiters often do the so called ‘ripasso’, they go around tables asking if the guests wish to have a second portion of the same dish. It is a good idea to print the menus, that way the wedding guests know how many more dishes they will be having, and don’t go overboard with the first dishes!

* These are typical Tuscan dishes dishes you most commonly will come across when reading the wedding menus. Also other dishes can be served; fish, seafood, vegetable flans and variations of local dishes twisted with the international and modern cuisine. The wedding meal served in tables lasts around 2 hours, depending on how many guests and how many speeches there will be.

Buon Appetito!

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