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The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is served after meal, as dolce, the dessert. One of the most typical Tuscan wedding cakes is the classic ‘Mille foglie‘, freely translated that means thousand levels. It is made of light puff pasty in 3-4 levels, filled with chantilly cream, chocolate chips or fresh fruit.

Preparation of Mille Foglie wedding cake

Mille foglie wedding cake decorated with fresh fruits

Tuscan Wedding cake Mille Foglie






Mille Foglie, traditional Tuscan Wedding Cake

Another kind of wedding cake is ‘Crostata di Frutta‘, a fruit cake. The pastry is delicious sand cake pastry, topped with cream and decorated with fresh fruit. Fresh and tasty for summer weddings.

Crostata di frutta-fiore copia

Tuscan wedding cakeCrostata di frutta








Crostata di frutta Wedding Cake

There can also be served a sponge cake, called ‘Torta Mimosa‘ or ‘Torta Eleonora‘, filled with cream, fruit, choclate chips, decorated with flowers and berries.


Wedding Cake










The wedding cake is often presented as one level cake, depending on how many guests there will be, but it is often an impressive table size cake, brought in with several waiters, decorated with fresh fruit or flowers. Some caterers can prepare the wedding cake in front of the guests, a lovely entertaining intermezzo before having the dolce!

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