Project Description

La Dolce Vita in Tuscany – July 2012

S & R wanted to have a fun week and enjoy laid back days in July in Tuscany with their families and around 40 of their good friends.  Couple of really cool wedding theme ideas were kind of given; the whole party stayed in a gorgeous big Tuscan villa, owned by an Italian film producer, with nearly real size cinema, authentic casino, large ballroom and a fantastic swimming pool area with a luxurious ‘playground’ for big kids. Those who remember who Fellini, Bertolucci and Cristaldi are, can add a great historical value on the villa interiors, that have been made in the 60’s and 70’s golden age of Italian cinema, when the parties were organised in between creative writing and film making. Our creative group made history of the wedding week, planning fun events for almost every day of the week. To get in the true Italian mode, the week started with a pizza night, that were baked in the villas wooden pizza oven.  The day after some olympic games by the nearly olympic size swimming pool. On the wedding day, the guests made their way to Volterra, where they witnessed the traditional Italian civil wedding ceremony,  at the beautiful historical town hall. The wedding reception was set up  in the panoramic garden in front of the villa.  Dining in the candle lit open courtyard and music and dancing until the late night in the pool area. The day after the wedding, the party people got some rest before the grand finale, an indian wedding celebration with traditional colourful indian sari dresses, an entertaining Bollywood dance, delicious indian food and a fun casino night! Oh boy, what a party!

Volterra one of the most beautiful hillside towns in tuscany

 Wedding Ceremony in Volterra

Wedding Reception in Volterra

Indian wedding in Tuscany

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