Few tips from our make-up artists on finding your own bridal look.

How to master your own bridal glow.

1. Do the hair and make-up trials early, so you have time to confront the different styles and find the right look. Have the trials made in natural light. If you are wearing white on your wedding day, dress in white when you will have the make-up trial done. Remember to take pictures during the trials.

2.  If the natural look is your daily way, accept using little bit more make-up on the wedding day, than you normally do. Having very little, or no make-up at all, will make you look a bit pale in the wedding pictures. If you wear make-up daily and use strong colours, remember that  most wedding pictures are taken in day time in the natural light. Practise your make-up to find the right balance.

3. Spend time finding the perfect foundation, that has the right tone of your natural skin, not too dark, nor too light. As the name states, it is the foundation for your make-up, and your look. Use matte foundation and powder, glossy may reflect in pictures. Remember you also have neck and shoulders.

4. Focus in the eyes. Use both mascara and eyeliner, even if you are not used to wearing them. These products used in the right way accentuate your natural look. Brown may be a softer solution for brides who wish to have light and soft make up. Brides with darker tone of skin and hair can easier carry  black mascara and eyeliner.

5. If you are planning to use eye lash extentions, use the single lash eye extentions, attached one by one, not the strips. Single lashes create more natural look. You cannot see the difference between natural lashes and the single extensions, if attached well in between the natural lashes.

6.  Don’t be afraid using a bright lipstick tone. Even with natural lip tones, add a thin layer of  brighter colour on top of your ‘normal’ colour. Light or dark, bright tones add your smile a new freshness. Too soft and pale tones may remain ‘flat’.

7. Remember hands and feet. Manicure, pedicure. Your hands will be photographed all day, just like your face. Choosing the nail polish – knock yourself out! This part is nice both classic pale pink as well as dramatic red or even graffiti crazy! Nail art gives a nice personal touch, without being too decisive on the rest of the look.

8. Use water proof make-up, not only mascara, but eye shadow and lipstick too.

9.  Buy the make-up you will use, even if applied by a professional makeup artist. Keep the products in your purse, so you can fix your look during the day. It can be hot, you may shed a tear, there will be lots of hugging and kissing that may consume your make up.

10. Be the master of your own bridal glow! What makes you feel stunning, most likely looks stunning! Trust your own judgement and say no to things you don’t feel comfortable with. The bridal glow is something that ultimately comes from your own wellbeing and well feeling, and has less to do with the right colour pallet. It’s like wearing comfortable underwear, nobody sees it but wearing it, makes you look graceful!

Ciao Bella!