One of the most spectacular moments in the Italian wedding reception is the aperitivo. It is the grand entrance to the wedding celebrations. A fabulous visual show of food and fun. It is the peak of the wedding day, when everything really comes together. This is the best time slot to show your planning skills and display some of the weddings ideas that are best presented during day time. Aperitivo is like a little ‘pre-party’ of its own that should be treated with great attention.

String quartet playing in the wine

1. Live music: To really set a personal tone and to create a special atmosphere, this is a great moment to have live music. A band, string quartet or a jazz trio. Live music brings in an extra nice touch, and gets people in the swinging good mood from the very beginning of the event. There is something special about having the musicians playing your favourite songs, right next to you.


What to do during Wedding aperitifs


2. Wedding photos. It is a good idea to have the group photos done as quick as possible after the wedding ceremony. You may have trouble chasing people once they discover the buffet table. Aperitivo is a great moment for free reportage pictures. People are moving and seated in different places, so you get some variation, and not just guests seated around the (same) dining table.


Photo Booth fun during wedding reception


3. Photo booth fun. Not all pictures taken by the guests will be great, but some pictures should be great fun! Create a corner with some fun items, leave couple of polaroid cameras on tables or sign up for an instagram account, and let the Prosecco do the rest. If you prepare a note with instructions and have someone to start fooling around in the booth (that does not have to be a booth), then usually others will follow and you will have great fun after the wedding checking out the goofy wedding pictures.


Have guests write your guests book early during the wedding reception


4. Wedding guests book. To have a memory of all your wedding guests, it is best to place the wedding guests book on a visible spot already in the beginning of the reception. People are enjoying themselves and it takes time to get everybody around to write in the book, so start early. Place the book nearby the wedding favours or the food, that makes the book attractive to them. Use the ‘First write in the book, then get your ham’ principle.


Lovely small wedding things displayed on tbales during wedding reception


5. Wedding Bits & Bobs: Aperitivo  is a great moment to impress the guests with your planning skills and show off all the lovely wedding bits and bobs, that you have prepared months ahead!  Spread the items around in the food stations, photo booth corner, wedding book table and place your personalised table order display nearby the aperitif area, so people can find their places and see how great your stuff is. Display all the pretty things before it gets dark and before the guests get too much wine!


Wedding in Tuscany by Olive in Love


6. Relax! Enjoy your day! Have a Prosecco, eat! It’s downhill now. Don’t worry about anything anymore. Let your planner and other wedding professionals take care of the rest of the day. They will organise the details, hold timings and worry about the guests. Enjoy some of that gorgeous Tuscan wedding food.

Cin Cin !